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Ratnagiri, lying in the Jajpur district in the state of Orissa, is a famous Buddhist religious destination. The spot contains many significant Buddhist sculptures scattered around in the hillside. Some excavations have related the history of Ratnagiri to 6th Century AD and the Gupta Dynasty.

According to an excavation of a vast monastery at Ratnagiri, it dates back to the Mahayana sect, and the kings including Ashoka and others of the Gupta dynasty propagated Buddhism in this region. Several other clues of Buddhism – like the Monastery, Stupas, Chaityas, etc. – are found in the region. Ratnagiri is known as a remarkable destination of learning for the Budhism of Tantric cult – known as Vajrayana. As hinted by Tibetan Buddhist texts, Kalchakrayana also bloomed considerably in the region.


Ratnagiri is located in Jajpur district of the East Indian state of Orissa, 100 km from Bhubaneswar. The gorgeous destination is enclosed by rivers – Mahanadi, Brahmani, Kimiria and Birupa – from all the sides.

Major Attractions

The Stupas

A number of Stupas can be spotted in Ratnagiri, portraying a glowing picture of Buddhism in ancient India, when it bloomed in a big way. Moreover, they very firmly signify Ratnagiri as the only site with such massive Stupas. The villagers also helped it by adding Stupas lying at nearby places into the region.

The Monasteries

The monasteries, lying in the region, depict the splendid past of Ratnagiri and close by places to the visitors. The gracefully-built monasteries tell that the history of the place was quite wealthy and also culturally affluent in terms of Buddhism. You can find 24 cells, a large courtyard, a shrine in the front, a lobby and much more at the monastery at Ratnagiri.

The Motifs

The motifs, known as Kunjalata and Patralata in Oriya, symbolize the process of cultural transfer and adoption of stuffs from Buddhism in Orissa. Several art and style trends in Orissa similar to that of Buddhists can be observed here.

How to Access

Ratnagiri is well-connected by air, rail and road transport. Its nearest airport is Bhubaneswar networked to all the important cities across India. Its closest Railway Station is Cuttack, 70 km far from Ratnagiri and networked with major stations in the country. Ratnagiri can be reached by road from Cuttack through direct and regular buses running between the two places.

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