• Dhauligiri

  • Buddhist Deities, Lalitgiri

  • Votive Stupas of Ratnagiri

  • Door jamb, Ratnagiri

  • Stupa of Udayagiri


Kayama Hill bears an elephant shaped rock cut. You can spot an inscription as 'Tisa' on a rock cut bench, on the northern side of the Kayama elephant. Tisa was one of the Ashoka's brothers. In the last days of life, Ashoka became a Buddhist and stayed with his preceptor Dhamarakhita in Kalinga, and publicized Buddhism by building a number of Buddhist stupas and other sculptures in this Orissa Buddhist Heritage Site.

Tisa was the only one of the 99 brothers of his brothers, who was not killed by Ashoka. The structure unearthed with the inscription as 'Tisa' suggests that Ashoka's brother had a close relation with Kalinga.

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