• Dhauligiri

  • Buddhist Deities, Lalitgiri

  • Votive Stupas of Ratnagiri

  • Door jamb, Ratnagiri

  • Stupa of Udayagiri

Buddhist Pilgrimage Place in India:

Buddhist Pilgrimage Places in India

In India, there are numerous Buddhism sites of pilgrimage with the major ones being Lumbini, the birthplace of Siddharth (Buddha), Bodh Gaya- the site of enlightenment, Sarnath-the site where he gave his first sermon and the last being Kushinagar- the place where Lord Buddha got Parinirvana. Throughout the year, the country of India is flocked with Buddhist tourists. Some of the other Buddhist Pilgrimage places India are:

Sravasti: The capital of Kosala, this place was the reign of one of the powerful supporter of Lord Buddha

Rajgir: - Ruled by King Bimbisara, Rajgir was home to one of famed monarchs and supporters of Buddha.

Sanchi: The place where Asoka built up a large stupa, which stores the relics of the chief disciples of Buddha, named Sariputra and Mahamoggallana

Nalanda: the site of an ancient Buddhist university

Ajanta and Ellora: The site of cave paintings describing Buddhism

Apart from these sites you can feel the spirituality when you plan a visist to Sankissa, Vaishali, Pataliputra , Gaya , Kosambi, Devadaha and Pava. Some of the other sites where your Buddhist Pilgrimage tour takes you are Sanchi Mathura, Vikramshila, Ratnagiri, Udayagiri, Lalitgiri, Bharhut, Barabar Caves and many more. So make your religious trip to the land of the enlightened one and feel the sacred touch it beholds.

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