• Dhauligiri

  • Buddhist Deities, Lalitgiri

  • Votive Stupas of Ratnagiri

  • Door jamb, Ratnagiri

  • Stupa of Udayagiri

Buddhist Circuit:

Buddhism has flourished in the state of Odisha ever since it’s beginning. The religion has a widespread reach all over India with one of them being Odisha which has an establishment which is no far when compared to other places of Buddhist significance. The religion which emerged with the birth of Gautama Buddha around 2500 ago preaches the insights of Lord Buddha to help human beings end suffering and gain nirvana.

The Buddhist circuit in Odisha comprises some of the notable Buddhist sites as accounted below:

Lalitgiri: One of the most important regions of the Buddhist Circuit, Lalitgiri is an important excavation site where the most dated back sculptures of Buddha have been excavated.

Ratnagiri: Located in the Jajpur district of Odisha, the place is renowned for its stupas, monasteries and motifs.

Udaygiri: An esteemed Buddhist complex, Udaygiri was part of the Pushpagiri University, along with Ratnagiri and Lalitgiri.

Dhauligiri: The Dauli Hills has been an important place where tourists come in large number to see the Shanti Stupa that was built by King Asoka after he abandoned war.

Langudi: The major attractions that you will witness here are the decade old statues, sculptures and monasteries.

Tarapur: Tarapur is the famous place in Odisha where King Asoka built three stupas (edicts).

Deuli: At the Deuli hills you can see an array of rock cut caves and numerous bricks, rocks and pottery. Also, there a decade old staircase on the eastern side that heads towards the stupa.

Kayama: The place has a rock cut in the shape of an elephant known as the Kayama elephant. One of the brothers of Asoka, Tisa’s named can be seen in scripted on a bench cut from rock.

Radhangar Fort: The fort located in the ancient city of Radhanagar attracts tourists who visit the Buddhist Circuit. The city of Radhangar was the capital of the headquarters of Kalinga during the reign of Asoka.

These places are home to numerous stupas, monasteries (viharas) and sculptures that made them gain a glorious place among tourists. These places are one of the major excavated sites in state of Odisha that has the rich concentration of the Buddhist heritage. The excavations that took place on this piece of land brought into limelight the numerous sculptures whose origin dates back to 6th century BC. In addition to this, the state is home to more to 200 Buddhist sites.

So when you wish to be In Odisha make sure to visit the Buddhist Circuit, where ultimate peace can be felt in the air.

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